Operations & Processes Improvement


We offer a wide range of solutions to Business Operations, including:


  • Supply Chain Synchronization and Optimization
  • Transportation and Logistics Analysis and Improvement
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Throughput Increase
  • Manufacturing Analysis and Improvement
  • Production Time Analysis and Improvement
  • Scheduling Creation
  • Layout Analysis
  • Others


Modelos de SimulaciĆ³nSimulation Models


Modeling and Simulation of Business Processes and Operations:


  • Supply Chain Simulation
  • Logistic Processes Simulation
  • Inventory Simulation
  • Operations Simulation
  • Production Simulation
  • Layout Simulation and Times
  • Discrete Event Simulation
  • Dynamic System Simulation
  • Agent-Based Simulation
  • Hybrid Simulation
  • Resource Optimization in Models
  • Real Autonomous Simulations in Java
  • Modifiable Simulations (variable values, not logic)
  • Company can distribute Simulation to all its workers


Strategy Development & Improvement


Analysis and improvement of Internal and External Strategies:


  • Corporate Strategy
  • Competitive Strategy
  • Operations Strategy
  • Production Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy


Statistical Analysis & Quality


Advanced Univariate & Multivariate Statistical Analysis:


  • Statistical Cause of Problems Determination
  • Principal Component Analysis of Causes
  • Clusterization & Group Creation
  • Component & Equipment Quality Analysis
  • Product & Services Quality Analysis


Survey Analysis


Marketing Engineering Analysis of Surveys:


  • Survey Design Support
  • Analysis of Already Made Surveys
  • Description (who they are), and necessities (what they want) of Clients
  • Design Optimization of Products and Services
  • Marketing Strategy Analysis and Implementation


General Consulting


If you have a specific problem that needs evaluation and solution, we can also help. We specialize in rather difficult not completely defined problems, with unknown impact. We usually apply advanced mathematical modeling to find optimal solutions to your complicated interconnected problems. We can work together with company teams to define problems, and discuss possible solutions.


We also offer:


  • Innovative Solutions
  • Optimal Solutions
  • Application of World Class Techniques


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